​How to Enable root access on Lineage OS

In this post, I am going to explain about how to Enable Root access on Lineage OS.After the discontinuation of Cyanogenmod, rebranded Lineage OS is the all new ROM released recently.Lineage ROMs are pre-rooted ROMs like CM ROM.Lineage OS have root manager but the root access can’t active by default.So you have to enable the root access on it.

Enabling root access on Lineage ROM is same as CM14 or Cyanogenmod ROMs.Users can select which apps to give root access or not in Lineage.They can manually allow root the Apps only OR ADB only OR both Apps & ADB.
Lineage took the replacement of CyanogenMod with developed CM.In this short duration there are many unofficial Lineage OS update for many devices.You can check the device for which Lineage OS ROM are available -> Full List of devices which has received Lineage OS

Make sure you have Lineage ROM on your device. Check ->  How to install Lineage OS ROM on any device using custom recovery

 Steps for How to Enable ROOT access on Lineage OS.

Note: Make your custom ROM is pre-rooted otherwise to enable root you have to install supersu root package.

You have to enable the developer option on your android device. Check -> How to Enable Developer Options on Android

Then open Developer options

For Root access setting , set it Apps and ADB or Apps only or ADB only, as per your need.
Thats all!!!

By downloading and installing the app Root Checker, You can check the status of Root on your device.


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