Android M release date:10 new features of Android M

Android lollipop was released recently ,though most of the mobiles hadn’t received the update ,Google planned to launch the next version ,Android 6 or Android 5.3.,Google keeps the version name in alphabetical order Alpha, beta and then as follows

  1. CUPCAKE1.5

  2. DONUT 1.6

  3. ECLAIR 2.1

  4. FROYO 2.2.x

  5. GINGERBREAD 2.3.x

  6. HONEYCOMB 3.0


  8. JELLYBEAN 4.1.x

  9. KITKAT 4.4

  10. Lollipop 5

So the next version will be Starting with M,though google doesnt reveals the name, Rumors spreading that  the name will be Milkshake, Maggie, Mango, Milkybar.The original name will be in the name of food items mostly dessert, but last two versions are different, hence we can expect some other name from Google. Let’s wait for the official name.

Now, we look out the new features of Android M,

1. Do not disturb mode:

In lollipop we had Priority mode, which changes to Do not disturb in Android M.,You can enable this feature by holding volume down button or from quick settings. Do not disturb mode allows the user to disable some of the notifications sound based on priority.

·         Priority only works like Lollipop’s priority mode, letting you block all interruptions except those from people and apps you consider important.

·         Total silence works like the “none” setting in Lollipop, blocking everything including alarms.

·         Alarms only is new in M and blocks everything except alarms
2. App Permissions

App permissions android m

When we install any app from play store it asks for app permissions that is you are giving permissions to access certain things on your android phone. For example if you want use whatsapp ,the whatsapp app asks permissions to access your contacts, camera, media storage ,Where comes the security loop holes, if you are using any third party apps, Many users blindly give permissions to any app if it asks. This may results in stealing your information.

Inorder to restrict this app permissions, Android M comes with security enhanced. So that you can limit permissions for certain app. For example if you want you make Skype voice calls from your phone instead of video calling, the permissions for accessing camera is restricted.

3. New Google wallet

Google wallet allows you pay money from your android smart phone ,Google launched this feature 3 years ago, the app hadn’t reached like Apple pay because of the low security of Google wallet. In android M google plans to introduce enhanced Google wallet with high security like fingerprint sensor.

4. Theme for settings

What you can expect from stock rom, here comes the new option to theme the settings panel of your android phone. The option is only to change the setting panel to black or white other apps won’t be affected. This may not be a big deal for users who plays with customs roms.

But many users find this option handy while using your mobile at night.

5. Doze

Android phones basically drains very much faster than iPhone, Google plans to improve the battery life by implementing the feature in Android M called Doze. The feature to put the unwanted background apps to hibernate mode. The hibernated apps won’t consume any battery. These apps will only wake up when we need. There is also an option to hibernate the apps we want. This feature of android M is quite similar to Greenify.

6. Apps Manager

Once we head over to apps manager we can see three columns for apps, like download, on SD card, running process. The new Apps manager on Android m brings all three to single column. This allows to users to sort which app consuming more RAM & battery. The unwanted apps can be uninstalled easily.

7. Now on Tap

Now on tap android m

One of the new feature of android M ‘Now on tap’, an intelligent app which scans and say what are you looking far??What do you need? When you are using certain app.

For example: if you are reading an mail about any movie notifications, when you enabled the now on tap feature., it slides up to give the review about the movie you are looking far, the show timing near your can enable this feature by long pressing the home button.

8. New volume controls

Android volume controls is different for media volume, but the notifications & ringtones are linked with each users feel difficulty during silent mode. Android M brings the new feature to unlink the notifications & ringtones.This feature was there on kitkat,but in lollipop this seems to be missing.Google brings back this option to android m linking the do not disturb in it.

You can also use this feature from xblast tools, it is a root app to customize your android phone. You will need root permissions.

9. Turn heads off notifications

Lollipop comes with options to show notifications for each app. its one of the annoying feature of lollipop having notifications when you don’t need notifications for that app. Android M features the option to turn off head notifications, there you can select the unwanted apps. you can also enable Do not disturb mode to turn off notifications, but it does for whole .

To turn this on,Sound &NotificationsàApp NotificationsàSelect an appàDisable peeking

10. Port for USB C

This is one of the new feature of android M, the support for USB C. This makes the android phone to charge 3 to 5 five times faster than previous. The data transfer rate will also be higher.

So when we can expect Android M release?

This may the question for all now, According to Google I/O ,android m Planned to be released by the end of September 2015.

The developer preview has been released by Google, but only available to nexus phones,

Also read: how to install Android M Developer Preview

Final Words

Android M though brings new features to user,most of them were not new to the users.Most Smartphone Brands haven’t announced what are the phones will receive Android M.Post your opnios below.Share this post you find it useful.

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