How to backup and restore your android from CWM

When we root our device ,we have the permissions to do all the tweakings to our phone.Many of us will change custom rom now and then.But there is a question on everyones mind  ”if something happenned wrong what can i do?”because while flashing custom rom or any other tweaks there may be a possibility of bootloop or sometimes end with bricking your device.In those worst case if you dont have the backup or necessary tools you cannot get back your phone.So this post will helpful for those how revert back to previous.

This post is only for rooted users,and who having CWM recovery installed.If you don’t have root permissions are CWM please don’t try this.
If you want to root your device there are certain methods available,you can read it from our posts.CWM is availabe for many of the devices,
Install CWM Using Rom Manager

Once you opened the app,look for Flash Clockworkmod Recovery.
Click on that,Choose your phone model.
Now the recovery image will be flashed.
Now let me asssume ,you have Rooted devices with CWM installed.
You can backup your device from CWM by two methods.Both methods are same,the difficulty matters.
Method 1(using Rom Manager)
This method is the simple one,If you flashed the recovery from Rom manager,you can take backup easily from that app itself if have recovery from any other means You will need to download the rom manager app for this.
Install the ROM manager app.
Once you opened ,you can find the Backup option below
Click on that,now you done backup from CWM

Method 2(Using Recovery)
This method will quite difficult,you were not much aware of CWM recovery stuffs.To back and restore your android from CWM ,you have to boot your device to recovery mode.To boot into recovery mode.

Power off the phone

Use key combination to enter the recovery modegoogle it to find it for your device(Most devices have Power +volume down button)
once you get the recovery mode
Click on backup restore option
Click backup
leave the device undisturbed until the backup process completes
Now rebbot the device.

You can find the backup on the sc will be at ‘clockworkmod/backup’ folder.

This is simple technique to backup and restore your android from CWM.Please take this backup whnever you flash new custom ROM or doing any any tweaks in CWM.

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