7 Things You can do with Developer settings in Android

Android has a built in Developer settings in it,But unfortunately many android beginners doesn’t know what to to do with it?So I thought of writing this post.
Android has a hidden menu for basic developer option for every android series.,But most of the users do not use it much.This post is about What you can do with Developer settings in Android.
There is av possibility to harm your device.,hence google hide it from the users.,So handle this option with care.


After jellybean update,Android added a lot of features to developer settings ., fortunately or unfortunately this will be helpful to improve your device and also harm your device,if don’t know to use.Hence Android hide it from users.
Intern only developer can use it., and to enable it.,you should be a developer.


Goto settings—->About phone—–>Tap build number 4 times
you will see  “you now are a developer”
You can find developer options in settings now.
Turn on it.To do the following operation.
This is a one time process.you need not have to repeat it again.


Enable usb debugging

Usb debugging is the gateway for developing your device.,
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  • For rooting
  • for cwm
  • flashing roms
  • unlocking
  • adb
It also provides a interface to use android with your computer to perform lot of operations.It is mostly advisable to turn on this in developer settings.


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When you use your mobile.,you will feel the animation effects.You can disable them or minimize the effect to certain extent under developer settings.By adjusting both the Windows Animations and transition animations .,battery may considerably saved.

Don’t keep activities

This is the important function under developer settings.,if want your android to make worse.Then enable this,This is because when you enable Don’t keep activities.,android closes that app and clear caches of that app.so that app will give you force closes.Therefore uncheck Don’t keep actvities.

Stay awake while charging

This is same as that of daydream mode of android.you can keep some apps while charging.The screen will not sleep while the phone is charging.
It has some disadvantages too.This may increase your charging time.As screen consumes battery to stay awake.

Show cpu usage

android always on top cpu indicator 300x186 7 Things You can do with Developer settings in Android
Android have the option to show the CPU usage.,that is you does not need a third party apps to show the system load time,temperature etc..Unless you know linux for certain extent you may not able understand it.Uncheck this if you dont need it.

Force GPU rendering

If your mobile lags much while playing games.,then pleasce tick this option under Developer setting.This often results in much faster UI rendering including animations.On one side you will definitely achieve better frame rate (and hence smooth experience) throughout system, but you may end up using more battery. On certain devices, GPU consumes more power the CPU, hence you may observe 5-15% lower battery life with option enabled.

create desktop password

Screenshot 2014 06 06 12 14 411 168x300 7 Things You can do with Developer settings in Android
This for.,when you backed up your mobile with adb.,then you need this to create desktop pasword.Therefore to protect the backup you need this option.

Final word

Android updating more options to developer settings for the upcoming versions.You can try all the options under it.This will help you understand your device and android more.If something went wrong,just turn off the developer settings.
Share this with your friends if you find this helpful.It is also a must known feature of Android.Developer settings s intended for developer.Begin it to be a developer.
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