Download videos from YouTube in android

Whenever you search for something on Google the maximum search results you will get is on YouTube or Wikipedia.But you will be helpful when you get the same on videos. YouTube  allows you to view videos but you cannot download from it officially.what is the use when cannot download a video???Every time you need net to view those videos.Then how you can download,There are thousands of plugins and sites for downloading videos from YouTube in PC.But what about in mobile?????

But there are limited ways to download videos from YouTube in android..

yes there are,may you may not been known all i thought of writing best ways to download videos from in android.

Unfortunately the apps to download videos from android cannot be found in Play store. As these apps are violating Google terms.So i am posting along with the  direct links to download.



Image result for tubemate

It is the most used youtube downloader by many android users.It gives you the simple interface as  like can play videos in tubemate and you can download it.It provides faster download than other apps.It also comes with other features like you can convert video to mp3 and provide download in different dimensions.

Downloadthe tubemate

once you installed you will get a YouTube like interface

click on search button

once you get desired video click on download button (green down arrow)

click download


download videos fromyoutube in android

 is similar to tubemate kind of interface.It also provides to download videos in different formats and dimension.It also provides Resume support and faster downloads.Videos can be viewed before downloading.


download videos from youtube in androdi
Same interface as tubemate but splitted column for youtube and downloads,hence you can check the downloading videos in meantime while searching.Like others it also provides to download in different formats and resume capacity.

4.Youtube downloader

Its quite different comparing to may get into new interface like Dashboard and then you have search and download.

To know about this app visitthis link

Image result for wontube
Again same interface as tubemate,but this app sometimes cannot fetch video information and it does not  allows to play videos on realtime.

6.Mozilla addons

I am sure that many of you will be using any one those above app,but if anyone use browsers like know that mozilla is rich with many extensions,Then you can use it to download your videos in the meantime while browsing.Pretty much better as on PC.But speed??????You know 2G cannot be used because the loading time takes more.?It is highly recommended for mobiles with high end features with 3G facility.Mozilla can be downloaded from Playstore directly.Mozilla need android version ics or above.


download videos from YouTube in android

You have to know that vuclip is not app to download.It is a website for downloading youtube ,metacafe videos.You may or may not get required video.So it can be used for low end mobiles like basic phones.I used it when i have a basic phone(Sony ericsson w200).and  when i have android i used  and then switched to tubemate.

I think this apps may help you to download youtube videos on android.If you find this article helpful, Share with your friends.

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