Due to the TRAI regulations sending sms became very difficult since only 100sms are allowed per day and also the cost for sms pack is higher which is around rs 47.But there is a way to send free and unlimited sms for free,yes you was right,free sms can be send through sms gateways.This needs internet connection,msg can sent via pc or mobile ,but it takes time for logging in and then to send sms it looks tired .therefore i am showing you a android app for sending sms through gateways,you can find this below the post.unfortunately this app way not available in PLAYSTORE.
Here are those important sites for sending free sms listed below..

free sms

It is the common site known by everyone launched in 2006 for sending free sms.It also provides you to send sms to other countries for free.but the most annoying thing found in this site is their ads
It also provide us to earn by some small tasks like share their ads on facebook,twiiter,google,etc,Along with sending free sms you can also earn from them and make recharge through this.

free sms
Is it possible for free recharge without doing any tasks,yes it can be.Here i am going to show you how to get free recharge just by simply sending sms.
yes you can earn by sending sms, as they provide 2paise for each sms you send, and once you get enough amount(rs 10) then you can make a recharge from them.

Logo FullonSMS
This site has a android app hence you can send sms as same as your default messaging app.once you log in through this app.you can also send and receive as ordinary sms
The drawback is,the receiver receives sms such that BT-FULLONSMS ie the receiver may thought of it is a company msg

free sms
This is similar to way2sms but it allows you to earn little penny by taking part in their polls and quizes.

free sms
I usually use this site for sending free sms.The speciality is the receiver receives the sms by our name
BTW  there is a android app called FREESMSINDIA which is i use as default sms app for my device ,as it contains all the above gateways.

simply login to any gateway and start sending sms as usual,you willneed a internet connection for this 2g is enough for this service.i recommend you to use indyarocks via this app,as it provides the comfort of sending sms as if through your network provider rather than gateway
There are many gateways you can use but the above will be fast and easy.
If you know any app than this it is good to hear from.

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