How to Earn free Recharge by playing games

Go crazy about the title,but it is true now you can earn free recharge by playing simple game.Most people waste their time by playing games,but when you get free recharge just by playing then it awesome.,Hardcore gamers its time for you to get 100rs worth recharge daily.

How to earn free Recharge from Windrop

Windrop ,the name of game you gonna play.the game is not much of graphics just a simple game,but to say the truth it is very difficult to win, even in easy level.The task is to get 100 points
you will need internet connection while playing this game
Install the game
There are three levels
  1. Easy -When you choose easy level,you will get Rs 25 free recharge only for scoring 100 points
  2. medium- when you choose medium,you will get Rs 50 free recharge for scoring 100 points
  3. Difficult-when you choose difficult,rs 100 for 100 points
Play until you get 100 points
Once you won,get free recharge of Rs 100

How to recharge

Once you got 100 points,
Head over to recharge 
Type your number
Choose your carrier
Click on recharge
This is available only in india,you can recharge only two numbers per day.
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