Easy way to remove your number from true caller

​Truecaller one of the most useful applications to track down the spam callers and unknown callers but he has some serious issues when it comes to privacy because you number on the internet.

The basic fact of Truecaller is that it uploads the contacts saved in yours mobile to its server, thank to someone who stored your contact to publish your privacy. Truecaller identify the first instance of the contact being stored on someone mobile. Thats why we often get number with different names. And users having correct name for the number are those installed Truecaller application.

So if you want to remove your number from Truecaller it’s just easy. I would say privacy is must. Hence Truecaller provide you option to remove your number.

This is for both who installed Truecaller and also for the person who hasn’t.

If you installed Truecaller with your mobile. GOTO it’s setting and de activate your account and delete Truecaller from your mobile.

Steps to remove your number from Truecaller

1. GOTO Truecaller unlist page.

2.Enter your number in standard format with code number. +919987654321

3 Choose reason for unlist

4. Fill the CAPTCHA

5. Click unlist

Truecaller will unlist your number from their server soon. But they is a possibilities of again getting indeed. Its Upto you. In this latest technology era we can’t hide anywhere.

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