Enable Google Assistant in non pixel device

Google assistant recently cam in google pixel devices, Which is more likely as Apples’s siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

But the thing is not all android yours can use google assistant.You need the Google pixel device to use it.Alternatively Google allo, a WhatsApp like messenger with advanced features than WhatsApp developed by google has the Google assistant.which is limited within the app.

Now this post covers about enabling Google assistant in non pixel device.Unfortunately the problem is you need Android version 7.0 Nougat to use Google assistant.

Not all the Android mobiles are getting the proper update.There is a hope from forum.xda-developers community to develop custom ROMs.In Previous post we covered about installing cyanogenmod 14 aka Android 7.0 on some devices.Check whether your devices is listed.Also you can search in XDA forums to update your phone to Android 7.0 Nougat.

Steps to enable Google Assistant in non pixel device

1.Assume you device is running on Android 7.0 nougat

2.You must have rooted your mobile

Check here to root any android without PC

3.Download and install root explorer from Play store.

4.Navigate to system-> build.prop. Open it and add following codes to the last line

The code is to define that your mobile is Google pixel.Thus by a small tricks you have enabled Google assistant on non pixel device.

5.Save the file and click reboot

ro.product.model=Pixel XL


Now you can use Google assistant on non pixel device.

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