Features in Lumia Black update

Yes finally the black update is now available for lumia phones,

By the way,what is that black update??what is it its features???,,is the question in your mind then this post is for you.,

Which of the lumia models will get black updates???????? 

Ofcourse all lumia models  like 520, 520T, 521, 525, 620, 625, 720, 720T, 810, 820, 822, 920, 920T, 925, 925T, 928, 1020, 1320 and 1520. will be getting black updates.,it is officially confirmed already 1020,720,920 has received black updates.,Now it is available for T mobiles tooo.

What is black update???

lumia black

It is the firmware update with GDR3,which gives  more features to your mobile.It also provides some new apps that makes you feel comfortable while using your lumia.This update contains lots of improvements from NOKIA and MICROSOFT

What to update lumia with Black update???

Its a simple task ,move on to settings—–>update.,it takes approx.400mb that to it depends upon each mobile models.,so it is recommended to update over wifi.

What are the features in black update?

I will list out some of the important features that you will get in lumia black update.,

Improved Lumia Display


Double Tap the screen to unlock

Now you can double tap the screen rather than to press power button for unlocking your device

lumia black


Find my phone

find my phone

Glance 2.0

Notifications will be shown at the glance screen as that of your lockscreen.,unfortunately it is not available for lumia 520

Driving Mode

Which is very helpful,when the phone connected to car kit bluetooth.,Automatically accept calls and messages

Screen rotation

screen rotation

This can be used to turn automatic screen rotation on or off. This makes it possible to lock the screen is a specific rotation state (i.e. portrait mode or landscape mode). This can be useful when consuming certain types of content (e.g. watching a video or reading an eBook).

Custom Ringtones

Now you can add custom ringtones and alerts emails,messages,IM etc.,,Now you keep assign for particuar contacts which was not available before.

Close button

close button

Now can close your recent tasks  which appears when you press and hold the back button on any Windows Phone device button (similar to IOS and android).

Improved BLUETOOTH nersion,now you can connect to all Bluetooth accessories.

Improved INTERNET SHARING fetures

Improved ACCESSIBILTY features


Nokia Beamer is a cool app that lets you remotely share your device display with another internet-connected device


The Nokia Camera app combines a number of previous camera offerings, with Nokia Pro Camera and Smart Camera rolling together. That means less switching between lenses to get to pro features, like changing the ISO, or smart features like motion focus or best shot.


One of the best app from nokia., Like taking an HDR photo, you’ll need to keep the phone steady for the duration of the capture for the best result.But it is available only for device with 1GB RAM.so 520,620,720 cant able to enjoy this feature


There’s another app that pertains to imaging and that’s Storyteller. Again, you’ll need to download it. Nokia Storyteller neatly takes over the organisation of your photos to help arrange them more dynamically.

This is all some of  the features,you will be getting with lumia black update.

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