5 ways to fix insufficient storage space on device

Insufficient Storage space on device??which is the most error any user is getting while using android device.We may notice the storage while buying the phone,it  will be 1GB and ofcourse we use  only necessary apps like whatsapp,MX player,Hike,Tubemate,but it mostly depends on user.If you are an rooted user,there are many popular apps for rooted user to customize and tweak their mobiles.

Why the hell “Insufficeint Storage Available”?? keep on coming whenever i tried to install new apps though i have a plenty of free space.This may be question to all.Mostly every android phones have Internal storage and external storage.Internal storage is where your apps get installed. Therefore keep in mind whenever you buy a new mobile look for this too.

How to Fix Insufficient storage Space on device

There are many methods available to fix this error, you may require root permission for this ,If you dont know about rooting ,dont worry,some methods doesn’t requires root.
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But if you root your android phone,more advantages are there.

Disclaimer: Rooting voids warranty,I am not responsible for any damage happend to your phone.please do it at your own risk.

Now lets move on to the methods to fix insuffient storage available.

 1.Move apps to SD Card


Every android above gingerbread version allows the user to move apps to SD card.Big MB of apps consume most of your internal storage,and some apps like facebook,whatsapp,chrome the storage will expand accordingly the use.you cannot move these apps to SD card.You have manage free space by clearing data.
Note clearing data will erases all the chat history and databases,you may lose your data

When you root your phone,you can move these apps to SD card by link2SD or even by any other app.
You can check this easy tutorial to increase your internal storage using link2SD app.

2.Uninstall Unwanted apps

Sounds crazy,but there is a chance of getting downloaded some unwanted apps,many of you experienced this.you may encountered with an app called Mobogeneie.though downloadd annyingly.but this app serve as one of the Pc suite for android.So if you face insufficient storage problem uninstall this kind of apps.Even the app is low in size uninstall it.

Goto to settings–>Apps

Click on that app which is having more size
Click uninstall

3.Clear cache of Apps 


Apps consumes the storage in order to give the rich experience and faster loading.so you may find zero lag whenever you open any app ,this because of cache storage.But it comes to fix insufficient storage you have to clear the cache first. you can also use cache cleaner to clear the junk

How to clear cache on android device???

Goto to settings–>Apps

Click on that app which is having more size
you can find clear cache option,Click clear cache 

4.Delete unwanted images/videos on Internal storage

Many android devices use internal storage for apps installation,having more photos & videos on internal storage may affect storage.Clear all those and check the storage,you may not have insufficient storage error now.

For the above method root permission is not mandatory,but the following method requires root permission.
5.Using Lucky patcher(root)

 You can fix insufficent storage by using Lucky patcher app.The main motive of this app is to  crack any android application yet you can use this to fix insufficient storage error.
Grant root permission
Once you open lucky patcher ,click on menu –>troubleshooting–>Choose remove fixes and backup
Now restart your device
The insufficient storage error won’t occur
These are the 5 ways to fix insufficient storage space on device,I hope this solve your error if you face any difficulties feel free to comment below.share this if it helped you

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