How to Hide Photos on Android Gallery Without any App

Android shows all the images which are stored in your Sd card or Internal Storage.So Whatever images or videos stored in it,Android will scan and shows it in Gallery.So it becomes annoying when you want to keep some private images.There are some apps to Hide Images in your Android gallery.But you may find that these apps unnecessarily consumes your Battery and also your Internal storage.

I am gonna show you a easy trick to hide photos on Android Gallery without any apps,Yes you can do it just by following this simple step.

Hide photos using zip option

One option is that you can group your private images in one folder and then zip that folder..,Now Android Gallery won’t show any images in this zip folder.This also may be difficult job In order to view those have open that zip.,So It will not help for low end mobiles having a very low internal storage.Since you have to install an app to Zip and Unzip.
hide photos without any app
Recommend:Use any File Manager app like ES Explorer,Astro File Manager,or Root Explorer.

They Provide all options like Backup,Zip,

Hide photos by changing Extension

Second option.,you can change the extension of the images.,Eg.Filename.jpg to Filename.raw or whatever extension you like.,Now Android gallery will not show that image in Gallery.It is very difficult and time consuming.,Who is ready to change extension Now and then.

Hide photos by .nomedia file

Third option.,It is what the trick..,I am gonna show you.

I assume you have any one File manager mentioned above.,

  • Group all your private photos in one folder.,

  • That folder will shown in Android gallery

  • Now create a file in that folder.Using any file manger,name that file as .nomedia without any extension

  • Now check your android gallery,That private folder will be hidden from your Android Gallery.

Alternate.,you can download this .nomedia file.,Place this file in your private folder.

You can use this technique to hide whatsapp images or even Videos also.Sounds easy know.,

You can also use any vault apps .,but that consumes your Battery and Internal Storage.The app will also be displayed in app drawer.,So your friends can easily find that you have something hidden.

By using Above trick you can hide images easily and no one finds your private folder except you.

If you have any other tricks put it in comments.

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