How to Fix Google Play Store Error 498

Whenever we want to download any apps most of the newbie android users mostly depend on android Play store.But while using google play store there is a possibilty of getting errors.One of the common error while downloading is google play store error 498.

What is Google play store error 498?

This error is due to Interuption of downloads.While we download certain apps the device cannot communicate through the play store,This error 498 is may be due to insufficient storage of your cache partion,that is when you try to download big sizes of games.

This Play store error 498 can be fixed easily.,You may not need any technical skills,just follow this post carefully.
There are many methods to do so,No data loss will be there while following this tutorial.

Method 1:(Clear Cache)

Since this error 498 is due to cache partion being full or insufficient to download that app.Therefore we need to clear the cache first.
How to clear cache on android device???
Goto to settings–>Apps
Now you can find the Google play store
Click on that app
you can find clear cache option,Click clear cache

Now again open Paly store and try to downlaod ,Most probabally the error 498 wont arise.
If problem still persists try the methods below

Method 2:(Installing from Computer)

This method needs usb cable or wifi.You have sign in to your google account from your computer browser.Search fro the app you have to downlaod,Before that connect your phone via wifi or USB Cable.
Once you connected,download the app ,choose install on phone.Now the app will be directly insatlled to your android phone.
you can also download the app on pc and transfer to your phone,If you need to download big size of games by following our guide.

Method 3(adding another google account)

Sometimes error 498 can be solved by adding another account also ,To add another account.
Goto settings–>account–>add account–>choose another google account

Now download the app from that account,google play store error 498,should now be fixed

Method 4 (factory reset-worst case)

If any of the option is not able to fix,factory reset.
You can reset from settings–>Backup&reset

It is advised to backup all your contacts,sms & apps as it factory reset gives you the phone as it was like while purchasing.

If you are rooted user,you can solve this easily by following below methods.If dont know about rooting  then dont follow the below methods,as it may brick your device.

Method 5:(Reinstall google play store)

If you have root permissions,then you can uninstall the google play store and install it again.
To uninstall any system app you can use titanium backup which will easy to backup and restore any app.

Method 6(Clear cache from Recovery mode)

If you are well known with CWM ,root and to recovery mode,you can perform a clean cache partion and clean dalvik cache.
To claer cache in CWM
Power off your phone
Switch on the phone (by pressing volume down +power)Key combination may be different fro different phones.
Once you get recovery mode
Clear cache partion
Now reboot

The play store error 498 must be fixed now

Over to you
These are the methods to fix google play store error 498.,Hope this methods will solve play store error 498.If face any difficulties or any method doesn’t work for you,leave a reply below

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