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All are much aware of the release of Nokia Android smartphone,which is released three days back.Since the phone came with the trimmed hardware and many of the common apps are not available.,which is the downside of Nokia X.

Here comes the rooting guide for Nokia XX+,XL,in order to improve its functionality.

Why to root Nokia X,X+,XL????

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since Nokia X,X+,XL did not came with official google gapps like Playstore,Gmail,etc.,so by rooting Nokia X we can port that features.,and also for installing cool customs roms which  will be out in few days .

Rooting voids your Warrenty

Rooting your Nokia X,X+,XL doesn’t much complicated.,its very simple and you may not need PC for can just root directly through your phone.

If you want to enjoy the original taste of Nokia X,X+,XLdon’t root it

Steps Before rooting??

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Working data connection

How to root NOKIA X,X+,XL???

root NOKIA X,X+,XL

  • Download framaroot from the given link
  • Install it
  • open framaroot.,and choose gandalf exploit
  • Install superSU
  • Reboot your phone

Voila,your Nokia X,X+,XL is rooted

you should see the supersu app on your device

over to you., will you root your NOKIA X,X+,XL?????/


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