How to use Dual whatsapp account on single mobile


Whatsapp is messenger that allows you to send messages over internet, the user who receiving messages should also have to installed whatsapp.whatsapp is free for one year and then 0.99$ per year.

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Whatsapp once installed,it can have only one account.For instance if you Gmail app,you can have multiple account on that single app but in whatsapp you can’t.

If you have a dual sim mobile you can have whatsapp only for one SIM. For other sim you cannot use whatsapp, that is you cannot have multiple accounts on the same mobile, are you getting me????

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But you can have dual whatsapp account by using this method.



It is only for ANDROID mobiles

There an app called OGwhatsapp for that, so you can dual whatsapp account on single mobile.

How to use Dual whatsapp account on single mobile

You need both the official whatsapp and OGwhatsapp for this.

One account is using official whatsapp installed from playstore and other account in OGwhatsapp. Is that clear??

To install OGwhatsapp

Follow these steps carefully

I assume that you have installed only the official whatsapp and using it on SIM1

Then take a backup of whatsapp data

On your sdcard move to folder    sdcard/whatsapp

Now rename whatsapp folder to OGwhatsapp

Unisatll Whatsapp

Download the OGwhatsapp from the link 

Insatll OGwhatsapp

It asks for the mobile number for verification

Give the SIM1 number

Click OK


Hence you are using OGwhatsapp for SIM1


Now goto playstore

Download official whatsapp

Verify it using SIM2

That’s it now you are using dual whatsapp account on single mobile

If it works for you share to your friends and if you face any difficulty while installing,feel free to comment below


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