Install Xposed framework on Lenovo Vibe P1m

Xposed framework is one of bridging application whick connects your system. Ever wondered missing feature or tweaks in your mobile.This can be added by installing closed framework on your phone.

The app doesnot do anything by itself.It requires modules to perform the desired function.The module can be installed from the xposed framework itself just like installing normal application.

In this post we are going to see about installing Xposed framework on Lenovo vibe p1m.

Lenovo vibe p1m is one of the flagship of lenovo with affordable prices.But it still lacks some features in it.You can add those feature by installing Xposed framework on lenovo Vibe p1m.

The method is common for all lollipop devices but we are focusing about installing xposed framework on lenovo vibe can try it yourself for your mobile.










Before that you need root and you must have installed recovery in your can google for your device to root and install TWRP recovery.

You can read our guide to root and install TWRP recovery on Lenovo vibe p1m.

Make sure you are using custom roms like cyanogenmod. Because stock ROM violate with Xposed framework so you may end with bootloops.

Check our guide to install Resurrection remix ROM on Lenovo vibe p1m.

Steps to Install Xposed framework on Lenovo vibe p1m.

1.Download and install Xposed installer just like normal application.Give SuperSU permission.

2.Download Xposed framework for Lenovo vibe p1m (Mostly all lollipop devices).Place it in your storage.

Download Xposed framework disabler in case you want to remove the Xposed framework from your system.

It is advised to keep both the above files in your phone.

3.Boot your phone to recovery.To enter recovery. Switch off your phone.Press and hold power and volume down.choose recovery

4.After getting to recovery. Perform a n android backup for safety.

5.After backup. Choose install and locate the file(Xposed framework v85 sdk22 .zip)

6.Swipe to flash. Reboot the system.

7.Now open the Xposed installer. It will show Xposed framework installed.

Now you can install any modules for your device.

Please note that,install the modules only it supports your can read that in module description.

If you face any bootloop or error just boot to recovery and install the Xposed disabler .Just simple as that.That’s alp about installing Xposed framework on Lenovo vibe p1m.

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