Reality check(list): mobile enterprise buyer’s guide


The rapid proliferation of corporate- and user-owned devices in the workplace means that organizations need to beef up their support infrastructure now. Mobile device management (MDM) is the primary software solution for managing and securing your company’s data and applications that are used on the many mobile endpoint devices that go in and out of your organization.

MDM platforms give you a central interface to interact with the data on your company’s devices as well as your employee’s personal devices, which are typically enrolled in the platform when they are hired. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions are another form of endpoint management that usually refer to a larger suite of tools.

Today, EMM solutions typically include MDM, mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM) capabilities, each of which addresses specific concerns regarding managing devices, applications and content. Other common EMM capabilities include an app store and productivity apps, a secure browser, email management, reporting and analytics. Some products even offer identity and access management (IAM), single sign-on (SSO) and threat protection.

The financial benefits of MDM and EMM tools include:

  • Enhanced IT control, including remote monitoring, configuration, app deployment, etc.
  • Enhanced security including policy enforcement, blacklists/whitelists, password management, etc.
  • Protection against data breaches including remove lock and wipe capabilities for lost or stolen devices
  • Logging and reporting capabilities for compliance purposes
  • Data protection, backup and restore functionality for corporate data
  • Improved productivity for end users


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