Resurrected CyanogenMod, Know about lineage Os

Last week, the shocking news from Cyanogen shattered the Android developers and user.The users most loved ROM is no more.The company has been closed which lead the user to nightmare.

Cyanogenmod is one of the highly customized Android Os which is being developed from android Alpha.Whenever new android version is released cyanogenmod developer comes with out with highly customizable version of that.

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Many ROM are developed by placing the cyanogenmod ROM as base. The closure of company made the Android user and also the Android developers sad.

When thinking of CyanogenMod no more. Some of the developers forks the existing Cyanogenmod to resurrect it into linear OS. Which is the good news to hear that CyanogenMod is reborn with new name and new logo and also with new features better than CyanogenMod.

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The existing Mobile’s ruining on CyanogenMod doesn’t affect. You cannot install furthermore updates from the CyanogenMod. The users who’s are all running on nightly version of Android CyanogenMod kindly install the stable version as the company had been shut down there is no possibility of receiving further updates. And nightly version are experimental version which has some bugs.

This post is about getting yourself know about the lineage OS.

Know about lineage os

Lineage is is the successor of CyanogenMod ROM. The group of developers from CyanogenMod fork the existing resource to new name lineage.Techically CyanogenMod is not dead it comes with new name lineage Os.

User can expect the same developing features and updates as of from CyanogenMod.

When lineage Os is available to use. 

After the shut down of CyanogenMod. Lineage Os began to be used. The lineage Os is getting ready for most of the device. Some device have got the lineage Os

Lineage Os comes with both marshmallow version and also Nougat version. You see the website of lineage Os which is still developing. Developers are testing the ROMs

Soon like Cyanogenmod lineage os will be available to all device.

That’s all to know about lineage os. This is just the introduction about lineage os.After the customer review we can see about further features.

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