Shopping Cart Secrets:region

How are shoppers using the online shopping cart and what do they want from you?


Everyone knows that shopping cart reminder emails bring consumers back to a site to shop and hopefully make a purchase. The rate of visitors leaving items in a shopping cart continues to rise, though many shoppers aren’t truly abandoning carts with no intention to come back and shop. According to a study by Bronto, 40 percent of online shoppers will use the shopping cart to store items to view on a different device, and 36 percent will use the cart to view items on a mobile device while in-store.

Clearly, the shopping cart is a tool that consumers use as step in the path to purchase. This means the cart goes beyond acting only as a component of the checkout process. The shopping cart can also serve as a shopping list, a wish list, a research tool, a way to move the shopping process between devices, etc. In other words, the ways consumers use the shopping cart is a long, long list.

You may perceive this evolution of consumer shopping habits as more work and complexity for your resource- and time-strapped team, but there are many low-impact ways you can meet consumers’ needs, improve their shopping experience and boost sales. Here are three ways how:

1. Rework the shopping cart.

2. Don’t overthink the cart reminder email.

3. Develop a cart reminder email series.


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