Unlock Bootloader in Redmi 3s using Mi flash tool

[one_third]MIUI ROM is much user friendly. So many user intent to.buy xiaomi devices which is running on MIUI ROM by default. But this phones are suffering from a serious problem of being faked in tha market.

Xiaomi mobiles are cheap and it can give you high performance on heavy usage.hence the replica of phones are being sold on the market.To eradicate this problem xiaomi cam up with locked bootloader in it’s latest flagship mobiles like Redmi 3s, Redmi 3s prime, mi3, mi5.

So by locked bootloader, the security feature of mobile is drastically ensured.Previously Sony and HTC mobiles comes with locked bootloader which is difficult for rooting and installing custom ROMs. Now xiaomi following the same.

In this tutorial we are going to explain about unlocking bootloader in redmi3s using mi flash tool.

Even though this tutorial is common for all xiaomi devices like Redmi 3s, Redmi 3s prime, mi3, mi5.

Steps to unlock bootloader in redmi3s using mi flash tool.

1.Register your mobile number while creating mi account. While setting up phone you may give the email and phone number for registration with mi.

2.Goto the unlock bootloader page.Login with your mi account and enter the reason to unlock.

3.After your account is verified by mi.You will receive the otp to unlock bootloader in Redmi 3s.It may take up to 20/days to receive the otp.

4.Once you got the otp.Now you got the approval to.unlock bootloader in Redmi 3s using mi flash tool.

5.Download the mi flash tool in PC and install it

6.Switch off your phone.Hold volume down and power you will enter the fast boot mode.Connect your phone to PC

7.Open mi flash tool on computer.Enter you login credentials.It will ask for otp you received before.Enter it

8.Wait for the bootloader to.be unlocked.

Once unlocked you can now root and install recovery in your Redmi 3s.

Consequence of unlock bootloader in Redmi 3s using mi flash tool

1.You may not receive ota updates from xiaomi until you lock the bootloader.

2.Vulnerable to security risks.

But that’s not a issue, you can lock it later by flashing stock rom.it’s time to play with custom ROMs on your xiaomi

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