How to unlock Bootloader in Sony Xperia devices

When you tried to root your sony xperia,HTC devices,you may most probably heared the word Bootloader.First need to understand some basics of bootloader,So I thought writing a detailed guide on What is bootloader??How to unlock Bootloader.Just jump into guide.

What is bootloader?

For a layman language.,Bootloader stars the android operating system.The device manufactures certain commands for starting their device.So you cannot give additional tweaks or running any scripts.Therefore the Bootloader must be locking.I am giving you the procedure to unlock bootloader for sonyxperia devices.

What is Unlocking the bootloader?  

This answer gives you the necessity of unlocking your bootloader. Unlocking Bootloader will gives you the Full control of your devices.,You can install custom roms,custom scripts,add tweaks to your mobile,add custom recoveries.,and much more to develop your device.However it is not advisable to unlock bootloader as it may voids you warranty. Android is the open source project.,so it does not put an end to development.hence the device manufacturer also allows their device to unlock bootloader to make their device to high extent.but it require some patience and to know about some guidelines.You can always head over to

You can find all tutorials regarding your mobiles. Ok Let’s move to unlock bootloader.This tutorial is only or Sony xperia devices.This is universal method of unlocking all your sony xperia devices.

There are two methods available for Unlocking bootloader

  • Using Flashtool-easy one

  • Using Sony official procedure -Medium

I will explain both the methods.Though both methods will voids your warranty.Handle with caution.It may ruin your device,If something went wrong.carefully follow these steps. Kind advice is to back up your mobile.,To backup you must root your mobile.Therefore root your mobile without unlocking bootloader.

Checkout this to root xperia devices with or without unlocking bootloader

Install adb drivers (check out how to install adb drivers) before proceeding any method

Unlock Bootloader using Flashtool

  • Download Flashtool

  • Install to your pc

  • Open Flashtool from start

  • Click on bootloader unlock icon(BLU)

  • Now connect your phone via flashboot mode

  • To enter flashboot mode. Switch off your phone.

  • Press Volume down and connect to pc using usb

  • Now flashtool will detect your xperia device
  • Now select your phone model
  • Flashtool will show you the unlock bootloader wizard

  • Enter your phone IMEI number

  • Click Unlock

Voila your xperia is now unlocked

Unlock Using Sony Official Procedure

This is somewhat lengthier procedure.

  • Check whether your phone is capable of unlocking bootloader,by dialing this  *#*#7378423#*#*

  • Then goto service info-àconfiguration-àrooting info

  • Check if bootloader unlock àyes (your device can be unlocked)

  • No-à (your device canot be unlocked)

  • Now goto

  • Click both buttons

  • Yes I accept

    • Now enter your Name,IMEI (*#06#)

    • You will get the unlock key for your mobile.Note down from your mail.

    • Download Fastboot files

    • Extract it to a folder,

  • Open cmd prompt from that folder(shift+right click gives you cmd prompt)

  • Connect your phone in fastboot mode

  • Now in cmd prompt type

  • fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version

  • Click enter

  • Now you going to unlock the bootloader.

  • Type in cmd prompt

  • fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY

  • Replace the KEY with .,you got the key in your email

  • Click enter

  • Now the unlocking process will begin

You have unlocked bootloader in your xperia device

Final word

These are the two methods for unlocking bootloader for your xperia devices.Since it is universal you can try with any xperia models.I take no responsibility if you made any to your device,So follow the procedure carefully.If you face any trouble in unlock bootloader.just comment below

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