How to Update Lenovo A6000 to Marshmallow by cyanogemod 13

Marshmallow is the Android 6.0 version. Some mobiles have recently got marshmallow update offcially. Lenovo A6ooo recently got Lollipop update from the Lenovo and there no further update from it. But developers are working on this device to port the latest version.

In Previous post we explained how to update lenovo A6000 to lollipop offcially and also how to flash custom rom on Lenovo A6000.In this post we are going to see about how to update Lenovo A6000 plus / Lenovo A6000 to marshmellow by installing cyanogenmod 13.

Caution before flashing Marshmallow ROM on Lenovo A6000

This is ROM is still under development so there is a possibility of getting bugs in this it is not recommended for basic users.only if you want to play with marshmallow features you can flash it in your phone.

Developers are still working on it So you may get proper updates now and then.

If you want a clean bugles ROM you can install cyanogenmod 11 for Lenovo A6000. 

Prerequisite to  update Lenovo A6000 to Marshmallow by cyanogemod 13

Root your Lenovo A6000 and install TWRP recovery on it.

Read our guide to root and install TWRP recovery on Lenovo A6000

Before proceeding make have latest lollipop version on Lenovo A6000. It is mandatory you need to update to lollipop if you haven’t

Read our guide to update Lenovo A6000 to lollipop officially

Steps to update Lenovo A6000 to Marshmallow by cyanogemod 13

1.Download Marshmallow rom for Lenovo A6000

2.Download gapps for Android 6.0 choose ARM 64 and micro package

Place the downloaded file in your storage
3.Backup your contact and messages

4.Switch off your phone.Boot to recovery by holding power plus volume down button.

5.Once enter recovery do a n android backup.Since it is the developer may need to revert to previous backup your date and system under backup section.

6.chose wipe –>clear date and cache

7.Choose install and locate the ROM downloaded above.flash it

8.Reboot the system.First boot take about 10mins.please be patient.

9.Now again switch off your phone.and choose install and locate the gapps and flash it.

10. Give clear data and cache and reboot the system

That’s have update Lenovo A6000 to marshmallow by cyanogenmod.If you have any problem comment below.

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