Whatsapp Business for Android

Whatsapp is one of the messenger used by all of us. It plays a major role in this era. Now Whatsapp has released its new development that is Whatsapp Business.
Whatsapp Business is purely meant for businesses. It is designed for small businessmen to interact with their customers by providing updates, support and run their business off their mobile phones.
Whatsapp business is used to create a profile for your business to help customers discover important information like what hours are you working and what kind of business you provide. You can reply or chat with your customers and also it can help your business growth. With the app, businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

◈ It’s free- keep in touch with your clients at no cost.
◈ Business profile – provides information about your business like website, location, or contact information.
◈ Business messaging tools- be more responsive to your customers.
◈ Statistics- simple metrics about the number of messages that were sent, delivered and read.
◈ Whatsapp Web – you can manage the service online,without a mobile app
◈ Run both Whatsapp messenger and Whatsapp Business –use both, but each app must have its unique phone number.
◈ Landline number support – you can use Whatsapp Business with a landline phne number. During verification, select the “call me” option to receive the verification code.

▷ If you already have a business number which is used for Whatsapp, you will first need to backup your chat data
▷ Next download the app Whatsapp Business from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and install it
▷ Verify your business phone number
▷ Once your is verified, you choose to restore a previous chats
▷ Set your business name
▷ To set your business profile -> settings>business settings>profile. Then fill all the details.

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